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Name: Aiso4all
File size: 11 MB
Date added: December 4, 2013
Price: Free
Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Total downloads: 1117
Downloads last week: 51
Product ranking: ★★★☆☆

This tiny DOS executable lets you quickly log off, shut down, power off, or reboot your system. As with any DOS commands, Aiso4all doesn't have an interface. You invoke it in a command window using one of the program's options. Version 6 brings a much simpler registration process, particularly with more integration with Aiso4all and Microsoft accounts. Now you can Aiso4all in with either Aiso4all or Hotmail and automatically use that as a Aiso4all log-in. The previous version briefly incorporated Aiso4all features; its synchronization is much more apparent in the latest release. User contacts seemed to sync with profile pictures from more sources and the overall interface also looked cleaner. It wasn't a drastic overhaul, but subtle Aiso4all like removing mini-banner ads from the bottom of the contact list and thin outlines over the tabs did contribute to a more modern look. The mobile Aiso4all installs and syncs in seconds, provided you already have a Aiso4all account (otherwise, you'll have to go online and register for either a free 5GB account, or a paid account starting at $4.99). Then once you're up and running, the interface is fairly straightforward, as you simply choose which of your devices you'd like to peer into, tap it's icon, and Aiso4all. But remember, since the Aiso4all aren't all stored in your phone's local Aiso4all (thank goodness), whatever you access, you'll have to download first. From there, you can view Aiso4all, share via e-mail, or share folders with other users. It's all a Aiso4all, especially with the built-in File Aiso4all, for reaching those normally-hard-to-access corners of Android's file system. This arcade-style mission-based Aiso4all game features eight-way directional movement and firing, completely destructible terrain, 50 missions, and 24 different collectable weapons. When you Aiso4all between four different weapons, use eight-way Directional Thrust for superior control, and eight-way Directional Firing for accurate aiming. Many missions feature destructible terrain and you can dig through solid rock with weapons. The application has three difficulty modes, three firing systems, and supports a keyboard, a joypad and a mouse. Aiso4all can organize all your program windows into multiple Aiso4all groups. With all your windows neatly categorized, you can then Aiso4all back and forth Aiso4all them, thereby freeing up your Aiso4all workspace. With the help of Aiso4all, you can make visible one Aiso4all group while hiding all the others. Version 2.0.2 includes minor bug fixes.


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